2020 Recruitment – we are fully staffed! 

There has been a very positive reaction to the ‘Feed the Nation’ Campaign which is currently running to support those farms which have not been able to secure enough labour for the year.

However we would like to make it clear that we are fortunate to have enough staff for the 2020 season and will not be doing any further recruiting. 


As well as a small permanent workforce, J W Allen & Sons employs casual seasonal workers for the asparagus season. They are all accommodated on our farm in ranges of high quality converted traditional farm buildings. All staff are introduced by Concordia (UK) Ltd, with whom J W Allen & Sons have worked since 2005, and are then employed directly by us.

Work Periods

Mid-January to end March: putting polythene on the asparagus beds March: Planting asparagus crowns and general farm duties Early April – 21 June: Cutting and packing asparagus

The Work

Staff work in supervised groups of 16 people and work in fields and in the packhouse in a rotation to give them a variation of duties and a good understanding of the detail and standards required throughout the whole process. No previous experience is necessary, as full training and a detailed induction relating to all aspects of the job is given prior to commencement of employment.


Our onsite accommodation is mostly in converted timber framed buildings and is fully self contained. There is a small Porta-kabin style block (All couples rooms) which is also fully Self contained.

Our 21 couple’s rooms are issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis when you confirm your course with Concordia. The majority of rooms are dormitory style rooms for 3,4,5,6 and 7 people. If you are coming in a friendship or family group and would like to share a room please let Emma know. 

Our centrally heated, carpeted rooms all include beds (including all bedding – 2 pillows, duvet, under blanket, under sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover), wardrobes, cupboards and a TV if required. Our kitchens feature gas cookers, sinks, kettles, microwaves, toasters and include use of all pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery etc. There are full laundry facilities with washing machine use included within your rent (you must supply your own detergent). A drying room and washing lines are available or you can use tumble driers at £1 for 1 hour. There are multiple shower and toilet facilities with toilet paper included. 

More pictures of  our accommodation will be added shortly.